Pixelated Animal Sculptures Bring Art And Tech To Life [Pics]

Pixelated Animal Sculptures Bring Art And Tech To Life  [Pics]
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An American artist uses 8-bit images to create unique sculptures of the natural world.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 june 2011

Texas-based artist, Shawn Smith, has created a series of sculptures inspired by 8-bit artwork. His works feature different animals, transformed using hundreds of tiny wooden blocks into 3D digital-looking pieces of art, reminiscent of retro games like Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros.

Before creating the sculptures, Smith draws out architectural-style designs for the front, top and side views by hand. He then cuts out each individual wooden block by hand and colors it in with a mix of ink and acrylic paint, before sticking them together one piece at a time.

Shawn Smith

[via Wired]

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