The PSFK posts with the best traffic from last week.

For those of you who missed them, or are just interested in what’s popping on the internet right now, have a look at the posts with the highest traffic from last week:

1. ‘Banksy of Bulgaria’ Transforms Red Army Soldiers Into Superheroes by Claudia Cukrov 2. Tribe Discovered In Brazilian Amazon Has Us Rethink Our Modern Lifestyle by Kyana Gordon 3. The Finger: The World’s First Dual-Grip iPad Stylus [Video] by Don Michael Acelar De Leon 4. Johnnie Walker China Bottle Design by Piers Fawkes 5. Sound Charge T-Shirt Keep Your Device At Full Power by Emma Hutchings 6. New Digital Camera Will Let You Shoot First, Focus Later by Paloma Vazquez 7. World's First Complete 3D Holographic Fashion Show by Claudia Cukrov 8. Apple Staff: Keepers Of The A.P.P.L.E Code by Valentina Park 9. Innovative Ideas Win Inhabitat's Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition by Emma Hutchings 10. Sports Brand's Bags Will Be Compostable by Emma Hutchings

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