‘Smart’ Car Key Uses NFC Technology To Unlock New Applications

‘Smart’ Car Key Uses NFC Technology To Unlock New Applications

New keys enable car maunfacturers the chance to offer customers many useful features to improve their driving experience.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 june 2011

Dutch company NXP has launched a car key that enhances functionality by utilizing NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. The KEyLink Lite can connect to other NFC-compliant devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, which opens up a range of possible uses. NXP has identified five applications for their ‘smart’ key:

  • Car Finder – The key records the GPS coordinates for where you parked your car so if you forget you can transfer the data to your mobile phone and open up Google Maps to locate it.
  • Route Planner – Plan your route at home on a computer, transfer the data to the key and then upload it to your in-car navigation system.
  • Car Status and Service Data Management – Find out how much fuel you have left by simply waving the car key over your mobile phone. Service Data can be saved directly onto your KEyLink Lite.
  • Car Self-Diagnosis – Transfer diagnostic data about your car from the key to a computer, upload it to a service website and run a diagnostic analysis.
  • Car Personalization – Manufacturers can pre-fit cars with additional features and optional upgrades, which can be unlocked later by using the key.

'Smart' Car Key Uses NFC Technology To Unlock New Applications


[via Gizmag]

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