StreetPass Feature Gives Nintendo 3DS A Boost

StreetPass Feature Gives Nintendo 3DS A Boost

The social-networking feature built into the device is proving very popular with gamers.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 june 2011

Although the 3-D glasses-free display of the new handheld Nintendo console was considered the main selling point, since its launch it is another feature creating the buzz with gamers and software companies. StreetPass is a built-in social-networking feature that allows for the automatic exchange of profile info and game data between 3DS devices less than 50 feet apart (these are called “tags”). This exchange can occur without an Internet connection and even if the 3DS is closed and at the bottom of your bag. When you next open your gaming console, you’ll discover the “tags” (information like where they are from and what game they are currently playing) and see their Mii avatar.

Many game publishers plan to incorporate the feature into new releases. Aaron Conners, a senior game designer at Electronic Arts, is currently working on The Sims 3 Pets. He said:

We actually found that aspect of it much more exciting than the 3-D. To me, the StreetPass is the coolest part of it because it’s about connectivity.

The feature has become so popular that June 25th has been designated Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Day, with meetups being held across the U.S.

StreetPass Day

[via Wall Street Journal]

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