Where once the book world was controlled by the critical establishment, the IT revolution has shifted power to the people.

This article titled “Thanks to the internet, we’re all literary omnivores now” was written by Robert McCrum, for The Observer on Saturday 11th June 2011 23.04 UTC

The koala bear lives on eucalyptus leaves. The goat will eat almost anything. As readers, we might aspire to the ascetic diet of the koala, shunning trash in favour of poetry or the classics. In practice, increasingly, we behave like goats.

As omnivores, we’ll go to every kind of literary festival, from Bath to Buxton. We’ll listen to crime writers, pop stars, atheists, pundits and comedians and probably buy their books too. The venues in which these encounters occur will vary from stately homes to church halls, from pubs to yurts.

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