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If British official David Bernstein is feeling a little depressed by the way things have gone, may he recall Winston Churchill's remark: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

This article titled “The English FA was right to stand up to Fifa and its cosy idea of a ‘family'” was written by Alexander Chancellor, for The Guardian on Friday 3rd June 2011 06.00 UTC

We English may be priggish and at times hypocritical. But let us be proud of the stance taken by the chairman of the English Football Association, David Bernstein, against the coronation of Sepp Blatter as president of Fifa. Bernstein was reportedly taken aback by the hostility of others among Fifa’s 208 national associations to his proposal that the election of the president be postponed until more challengers emerged, following the withdrawal of two earlier ones because of corruption allegations. Nobody, not even representatives of the other UK football associations, spoke in his support, even though his proposal was an eminently reasonable one.

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