The Future Of News: Is The Article An Archaic Luxury?

The Future Of News: Is The Article An Archaic Luxury?

Jeff Jarvis examines the role of articles in our digital generation.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 june 2011

An interesting post by Jeff Jarvis, entitled examines if long form articles are necessary and if and when when reporting would be better suited to blog posts and tweets. With our never-ending stream of digital information, sometimes it is better to quickly share facts, photos and videos via social networks and blogs rather than write up an article for every event. Jarvis also ponders the question of what is an article:

An article can be a byproduct of the process. When digital comes first and print last, then the article is something you need to put together to fill the paper; it’s not the goal of the entire process. The process is the goal of the process: keeping the public constantly informed.

An article can be a luxury. When a story is complex and has been growing and changing, it is a great service to tie that into a cogent and concise narrative. But is that always necessary? Is it always the best way to inform? Can we always afford the time it takes to produce articles? Is writing articles the best use of scarce reporting resources?

BuzzMachine: “The article as luxury or byproduct”

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