The Future We Create

The Future We Create

A virtual conference will unite thought leaders to identify solutions to shape and influence the future of accessible, clean water.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 1 june 2011

The Future We Create is a virtual conference that invites 60 thought leaders to explore the critical topic of the future of water, sharing their perspectives in 60 minutes. The site and project are hosted by The Dow Chemical Company with the intent of creating a forum for the open, collaborative exchange of ideas on important topics.

According to the conference’s organizers;

Beginning with a big-picture perspective, and uncovering both key “megatrends” and personal stories from the frontlines, The Future of Water will examine how different fields, sectors, and stakeholders can meet the challenge of supplying a growing global population with clean and sustainable water.

The list of participants is impressive, including organizations and institutions like UNICEF, the World Bank, John Hopkins University – and even brands that can impact the situation and help provide solutions (like Coca-Cola).

The virtual conference will take place on Tuesday, June 7th. While we’re curious to see what ideas result from this collaboration, we believe the bigger opportunity would be to subsequently share and track the impact of actions committed to as a result of those ideas. Platforms for open discussion are all around us – what would be most demonstrative of these brands’ and participants’ ideation efforts is tracking the impact of said ideas. Now that would be a story – we’ll just have to wait and see what follows from the conference.

The Future We Create

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