The Man Your Brand Can Eff Like

The Man Your Brand Can Eff Like

The old idea of personalization is new again at this year's Effie Awards.

Arthur Soleimanpour
  • 13 june 2011

Digital consumer engagement is still hot on everybody’s lips. With social media strategies, customized videos you can share with peers, and personalized apps becoming the norm over the past few years, one might think the advertising industry is ready to move on to another buzz prone word. Alas, yesterday’s shiny new tool actually works and is still shiny today, award statue shiny to be exact. At least this was the case for Old Spice and Wieden+Kennedy who were awarded the Grand Jury prize at this year’s Effie Awards, which recognizes effectiveness in marketing communications…hence, Effie.

Old Spice had two entries in the finals and the ad that was actually named the winner, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” was launched as a TV spot. Most people, though, were discussing the fact that Wieden took the time to script and shoot 186 different videos and make them out to individual consumers who had mentioned the ads on a number of different online platforms. These response spots were bundled into the second Old Spice entry and hard to ignore. Indeed, Effie worldwide board director and jurist Carl Johnson said that the campaign benefited from:

a very strong strategic foundation, powerful creative work and the ambition and innovation to use media in a different way. The response videos took it out ahead of everyone else – the mastering of the logistics required to operate at the highest level of creativity, in high volume, in real time, was superb.

The coolest part about the responses is that they were shot from beginning to end as individual spots, no cutting and pasting the consumer’s name in or insert twitter user name here shenanigans. This old/new school approach to producing the responses gave them an authentic feel that, along with the element of surprise, made it more likely consumers would pass them on to their peers and post them online. So, basically they were more engaging and eventually more effective. Get it? Yay advertising!!

+Old Spice

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