The Swag Bag: Airlines Cash In On Providing Modest Luxury

The Swag Bag: Airlines Cash In On Providing Modest Luxury

What used to be an exclusive item for first-class airline passengers is now a promising source of advertising revenue.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 3 june 2011

Brand Channel, the brand watch website, recently noted an interesting trend that is percolating in the world of air travel: while most airlines are cutting down on services and imposing charges on even the most basic provisions, they still maintain the swag bag, a small bag with ‘elite branded amenities’ either given or sold to first-class passengers. While it may be a nod to the bygone days of air travel, the swag bag seems to be a potential source of revenue:

Some airlines are looking to the practice as a new way to generate revenue — by selling the bags to economy-class passengers, and splitting the proceeds with the brands providing the goodie bags.

Brand Channel: “When it comes to co-branding, Airlines have it in the Bag


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