The Verbalizer: An Open Source Board for Google’s Voice Search

The Verbalizer: An Open Source Board for Google’s Voice Search

A new voice search addition makes Google Voice search that much more fun.

Janice Chow
  • 27 june 2011

breakfast verbalizer

Just in time for the launch of Google’s Voice Search, BREAKFAST released The Verbalizer, an opensource development platform designed to interface with this latest edition of Google search, and have a bit of fun. The logic behind this project? Imagine if you could talk to a computer, then build your own useful and wacky contraptions to take Voice Search to another level. Here’s how it works:

Out of the box, the Verbalizer connects wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth and when triggered, opens in a new tab and activates Voice Search. An audio notification is played signaling that Google is ready for your query, which is spoken into the on-board mic. The board is Arduino compatible and we left some I/O pins open, so it’s easy for anyone to jump in and create something nutty with it.

A video of some electronics newbies playing with The Verbalizer:


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