TV Industry Starts Taking Notice Of Older Viewers

TV Industry Starts Taking Notice Of Older Viewers

Advertisers and program makers are slowly starting to realize that an older audience is worth targeting.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 june 2011

Emmy-nominated TV show My Generation is setting an example by appealing to an older audience, often overlooked by advertisers and television executives. Created by AARP (formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons), the show is aimed at over 50s and offers health and wealth tips, celebrity profiles and special features. Not many programs target older viewers specifically, even though they generally watch more TV than younger people. AARP is showing there is a market for targeted programs and adverts that could be lucrative if it is tapped into. Chief communications officer of AARP, Kevin Donnellan, said:

This is a population with a fair amount of disposable income. Contrary to the old stereotype that older people are brand loyal, that’s not necessarily the case. The bottom line is, the 50-plus are watching TV and buying products and services, and advertisers ignore that at their peril.

[via NY Times]

Photo by Tom Tanquary

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