Virgin America Is First Airline Partner To Loopt’s U-Deal Service

Virgin America Is First Airline Partner To Loopt’s U-Deal Service

Users can now request group deals on flights with Virgin America and U-Deal.

Valentina Park
  • 24 june 2011

In today’s struggling economy, group deal services like Groupon and daily local deal services like Living Social have continuously gained popularity. Loopt, a location-based deal service, has launched a deal service with a slightly different take called u-Deal. The program is where users propose deals and partnering companies work with Loopt to approve that user-generated deal. U-Deal, which debuted this past Wednesday, has already found a major partner —  Virgin America is the first airline to join the service after successfully test-driving Loopt with a two-for-one geolocation offer for LA and San Francisco’s food truck patrons to fly to Mexico.

For Virgin America deals, users must propose a flight deal specifying where they are flying from, where they want to fly to, a picture, and a deal amount. Once submitted, Loopt must approve it in order to go live online and on the Android app. It is then up to the user to rally  friends in the area to sign up for it. If enough people express interest, Loopt works with Virgin America to make the deal real. Those who initially committed will get the deal, and a few additional can buy-in for a short period of time. Virgin America’s first deal posted Wednesday afternoon requesting $35 for $100 of SFO air travel credit. Both Loopt and Virgin America have approved the requested discount, which can be seen below.

Hopefully, more and more discounts will be popping up as the news of U-deal’s launch and Virgin America’s involvement spreads.


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