Shanghai Web Designers depict how much is consumed and created in cyberspace in an infographic.

It takes 60 seconds for Nicholas Cage to cinematically escape in a car. It also takes 60 seconds for:

168 million emails to be sent 695,000+ Facebook status updates to be made 13,000 + hours of music to be streamed on Pandora 13,000 + iPhone apps to be downloaded 1,600 + reads on Scribd 1,500 + blog posts to be uploaded 25+ hours of videos to be viewed on YouTube

Shanghai Web Designers took a snapshot of the internet in just a minute and put it in a fun infographic (for hi-res, click here). It looks like Nicholas Cage needs to find a new skill. Chances are, the internet is still going to win with its unlimited sharing platforms and expansive global audience. Sorry Nick!

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