After high-profile attacks on, among others, Nintendo, Sony, Bethesda, Codemasters and Minecraft, Keith Stuart looks into the motivations behind hacking groups like the Anyonymous collective and finds there's both more and less to it than meets the eye.

This article titled “Why are Lulzsec and Anonymous hacking games companies?” was written by Keith Stuart, for on Thursday 16th June 2011 06.25 UTC

They called it Titanic Takeover Tuesday. Over the course of several hours on 14 June, the hacker group Lulzsec orchestrated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against three online games – Minecraft, Eve Online and League of Legends – as well as the gaming news site, Escapist.

The victims were knocked offline, websites went down, login servers collapsed, and via its Twitter feed, the culprit(s) reported on the chaos with undisguised glee.

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