Obede Loyla Souza is the latest person murdered by illegal loggers. It is a battle for the forest but also for the idea of progress without destruction.

This article titled “Death in the Amazon: a war being fought for us all” was written by Damian Carrington, for guardian.co.uk on Wednesday 15th June 2011 16.22 UTC

Obede Loyla Souza is the latest tragic death in the war of Brazil's forests, shot in cold blood for taking a stand against illegal loggers. His killing is the sixth in a month, and another grim addition to a death toll of over 1000 in the last two decades.

But do not think that this war is only between heroic activists, frequently landless and poor, and rapacious, murderous loggers. It is, of course, but it is also a war of ideas. Chico Mendes, the rainforest campaigner infamously slaughtered in 1988, put it succinctly: the fight is to “demonstrate that progress without destruction is possible”, he said shortly before his death.

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