‘One Is Not Like The Other’: How Identity And Genetics Factor Into Physical Appearance

‘One Is Not Like The Other’: How Identity And Genetics Factor Into Physical Appearance
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Photographer, Jocelyn Allen captures family members in identical dress and posture to highlight the subtle differences that are passed down through generations.

Kyana Gordon
  • 7 july 2011

London based photographer, Jocelyn Allen created ‘One Is Not Like The Other’, a series of portraits featuring the artist with her closest relatives. The collection of images capture the spirit of an individual’s identity versus the role that genetics play in shaping one’s physical appearance and nature. Presented in diptych and triptych format, each family member is shot in their home, while Allen mimics the exact same position, posture and clothing.

Note the similarities and differences between the two photographs and how they reveal subtle comparisons between the two relatives, making these portraits a study in genetics and individualism.

In her own words, Allen explains:

These photographs give hints into each person’s persona with the differences between the ‘copying image’ and the ‘original’ revealing further clues into each person’s nature. The word identity has many meanings, but for me it’s about what makes myself me. Though one may copy those who they are genetically connected to and descended from, individuality will still shine through whether it is via hints or physical differences.

One Is Not Like The Other is currently exhibited at Guernsey Photography Festival.


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