America Mapped By Netflix Favorites [Infographic]

America Mapped By Netflix Favorites [Infographic]
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Slacktory's newest infographic illustrates what the USA would look like if it were composed of each state's 'Netflix's Local Favorites.' The results show that stereotypes may actually be based in truth.

Valentina Park
  • 13 july 2011

Even if US geography is your weak point, the Slacktory infographic on Netflix Local Favorites makes it obvious which state is which just by looking at which states like which movies. People really like movies about where they live. They really, really do. Some are obvious no-brainers like The Oh In Ohio, New York Stories and What’s The Matter With Kansas? (state pride, represent!). Then we’ve got some that are more subtle like Pay Back and Collateral in Nevada and Idle Hands and The Alamo in good ol’ Texas.

It seems that whatever hits closest to home, really does have a place in your heart. Click here to see an enlarged version of this hilariously fun infographic.



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