American Express Links Offers to Your Social Graph

American Express Links Offers to Your Social Graph

American Express is launching Link, Like, Love - a Facebook-based application that will target offers to cardmembers based on their and their friends' activity across the social graph.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 19 july 2011


GigaOm alerted us to the fact that American Express is increasing its footprint in social shopping, introducing a new social platform called Link, Like, Love, which will match American Express deals with Facebook users via their social graph. By linking their account to the Link, Like, Love application on Facebook, AmEx cardmembers will be able to view offers and deals curated according to their friends’ activities across Facebook’s social graph – including their likes, interests and check-ins.

How it works: users select the deals they like from their Link, Like, Love page. It is then linked to their card. Cardmembers do not have to pre-purchase a deal: they simply go on to use their card when they are ready to redeem an offer, at which point the discount is reflected on their AmEx statement. Cardmembers are also able to share offers with friends.

The beauty and opportunity of this partnership lies in its potential to personalize offers based on cardmembers’ social behavior – eliminating much of the irrelevant, wasteful offers that most deals sites have been criticized for. It also provides a clear advantage for merchants. According to GigaOm:

It allows them to measure the actual effectiveness of the deal in real time. Business owners can access their own dashboard to see deal redemptions and customer loyalty data. American Express is also reaching out to small local businesses with a new self-service tool called Go Social that will allow merchants to easily establish their presence on multiple social networks and offer deals and discounts.

Initial offers will include merchants like 20th Century Fox , Dunkin’ Donuts, Whole Foods Market, Outback Steakhouse, Virgin America, H&M, Westin Hotels & Resorts and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. Eventually, AmEx expects offers to include Membership Rewards points deals, entertainment access, exclusive content and special events.

Social shopping currently takes several forms – from incorporation of shops directly into Facebook brand pages, to socially-influenced merchandise recommendations (a la Levi’s), to linking ‘Likes’ to coupon offers, the potential applications and tactics are evolving. We love this approach for the relatively passive interaction it requires Cardmembers to take. Rather than a one-shot invitation to ‘like’ a brand’s coupon offer in order to unlock it, AmEx will link a cardmember’s broader social activity on Facebook to enable targeted offer. Users only need link their account to capitalize on the offers.

We’ll keep an eye out for this application’s adoption and evolution. More to come.

Live, Like, Love

GigaOm: American Express Delivers Deals Via Facebook’s Social Graph


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