British Artist Publishes 12 Years Of Text Messages In A New Book

British Artist Publishes 12 Years Of Text Messages In A New Book

Tracey Molbert's latest work is a glimpse into her life through the various texts she's sent and received.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 15 july 2011


English multidisciplinary artist and author Tracey Moberly gained recognition with a series of exhibitions and art interventions revolving around her text messages. Titled “Text-Me-Up,” the series, which debuted in 2000, featured her full archive of SMS messages, including the very first text message she sent in 1999. Moberly has recently published her autobiography, Text-Me-Up! which features words and samples from all the texts she has received from people since the start of the SMS text messaging era. From the press release:

The story begins in Manchester, directly after Madchester, when she finds herself as a single parent following the breakdown of a long term tumultuous relationship. It follows accounts of her life and others through the tales of people’s text messages she’s received. At the same time Tracey weaves in another narrative of psychogeographical histories and places in Manchester, London, Moscow, New York and Haiti. Her journey moves between popular and unpopular culture, from underground to mainstream in the worlds of both music and art.

Tracey Moberly

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