Apple, known to be stealthy about its operations, pokes fun at itself on official Apple merchandise with phrases such as "I visited the Apple Campus. But that's all I'm allowed to say."

This $17 t-shirt sums up most visits to Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino. Available only at Apple’s Company Store, it’s a bit more classy than “I visited Apple HQ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” — but sends the same message. The shirt reads: I visited the Apple campus. But that’s all I’m allowed to say. Apple’s corporate store, open to the public just inside the entrance at 1 Infinite Loop, hosts a wide array of merchandise with the famous Apple logo emblazoned on them: hats, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more. It’s the only place in the world to purchase official Apple merchandise. MacRumors

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