Create images by tracking the route of a pre-planned run, then take a screenshot of your finished masterpiece on your smartphone route planner.

Why just go for a run when you could go for a figurerun? Willempje Vrins and Leonieke Verhoog wanted to make running more fun so they came up with the idea of Figurerunning – running routes that are shaped like something, for example, a heart.

Here's a quick how-to from their blog:

1) Choose a theme (#royal, #alphabet, #easter) 2) Think of a simple Figure matching that theme 3) Search the map of your neighbourhood for that Figure (streets/gardens) 4) Get a phone with GPS and download a running app, like Runkeeper, GeoTracker or Nike + 5) Go to the beginning of the Figure, start tracking, start running 6) Make a screenshot of your FigureRun when you're done (iPhone: hold big button below and button on top at the same time) 7) Send the figure to or tweet/facebook it with #figurerunning

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