Augmented Reality Cinema App Takes You To The Movies

Augmented Reality Cinema App Takes You To The Movies

This concept app cues up movie scenes that have been shot in your current location.

Kyana Gordon
  • 4 july 2011

Augmented Reality Cinema is a soon-to-be-released iPhone app that literally takes you to the movies.  Take a stroll through the streets of any city (though in the video below it’s London) and discover all the locations where movies have been shot. Point your iPhone in the direction of a sweetspot and replay the movie scene that was shot there. In the video, scenes from Harry Potter, The Italian Job and 28 Days Later can be viewed within the app. While still in the concept and development stage, what is uncertain is how new scenes can be added and tagged to a location. Also, how will copyright play a role into the future of this app? Regardless, watch the video below because if you ask us this app looks pretty magical.

Augmented Reality Cinema

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