In Brief

3-D posters herald the presence of a budding rock band in London.

Sometimes it just takes a dash of creativity and simple tools rather than an expensive full-blown multimedia campaign to grab mainstream attention. Just take a look at this series of pop-up posters for an upcoming band named ‘Dry the River,’ designed by Phil Clandilon and Steve Milbourne with the assistance of a French intern, Xavier Barrade. Clandilon explains:

We thought it would be interesting to make 3D posters, and we set him the extra challenge of making them huge. He ended up creating these rather marvellous three dimensional paper-craft horses at B0 size. The flat, poster component was beautifully screen printed by Bob Eight Pop in east London and the paper horse structures were designed in 3D using Google Sketch Up, before being printed out in their component parts and hand-assembled. Each horse structure took around 35 hours to complete.

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