British Ad Campaign Puts A New Spin On Man’s Best Friend

British Ad Campaign Puts A New Spin On Man’s Best Friend

New off-beat ads that seems to tell the story of a depressed middle-aged man are not what they seems.

Matthew Bamford-Bowes
  • 11 july 2011

A new ad campaign featuring a vaguely disturbing portrayal of a slightly rotund guy called Geoffrey, sets an emotional scene from the outset. Whilst watching it feels like we are watching a man entwined by madness and indecision, and the sombre voiceover from British actor Bill Nighy also contributes to the depressing atmosphere.

The surprise twist at the end that this isn’t an ad for a charity supporting people with mental illness, but rather for the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and that the actor has been mimicking the behavior of a canine named Geoffrey all along. The add hopes to highlight the humanity of these animals and literally drive home the idea that ‘animals are people too.’

Destined to be screened in cinemas from July, not only will it bring attention and donations to the Battersea Dogs Home, it will also highlight our true similarities to our four-legged friends. Watch the video below.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home


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