The American thought leader discusses why a more frenetic environment would be more beneficial in news reporting.

Clay Shirky, American writer and professor of the social and economic effects of Internet technologies, explores print and digital news in his recent piece Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic. He talks of advertising, news that is ‘good for the public', the problem of “analog dollars to digital dimes,” and reforming newspapers. He concludes:

Having one kind of institution do most of the reporting for most communities in the US seemed like a great idea right up until it seemed like a single point of failure. As that failure spreads, the news ecosystem isn’t just getting more chaotic, we need it to be more chaotic, because we need multiple competing approaches. It isn’t newspapers we should be worrying about, but news, and there are many more ways of getting and reporting the news that we haven’t tried than that we have.

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