Collaboration: The Cutting Room Floor

Collaboration: The Cutting Room Floor

The inside scoop on how partnering with other brands, smaller companies and start-ups has become the key to success in the current media lanscape.

Caroline Ku
  • 20 july 2011

What we found out in today’s webisode of the PSFK original series, Secrets Of A Killer Media Buyer, is that collaboration is emerging as one of the driving forces of new campaigns that are being created. It is also the only way to survive as a media buyer in today’s hyperlinked, and constantly updating media world. PSFK serves up some choice insights that didn’t make it to the final cut.


Why are so many agencies interested in working with startups these days?

I think it’s the energy and passion and the whole tech environment. Everybody’s working together—and if it’s a big hit, it’s a big hit. Any brand would want to be associated with that.

—Erica Mannherz, Digital Supervisor/Carat

What’s essential characteristic or quality does a successful media buyer have?

You need to be a problem solver. You need to be a good communicator and you need to be passionate about what you do.

—Kristina DiMatteo, Associate Director of Client and Media Strategy at Morpheus Media

I believe in collaboration. I think a good idea can come from anywhere. But as much as we want creative teams to take our input and to adjust their work, we need to really listen to them because some of our best media campaigns have been complemented by ideas that have come out of our creative teams.

—Nicole Newville, Vice President of Brand and Media Planning/Space 150

You can’t be anywhere without your partners. Your partners have an audience. Your partners have tools and utilities.

—Jordan Bitterman, Senior Vice President in Media, Marketing  and Content/Digitas

We want to find people who can work well with a creative team, with a web developer team. People who really want to integrate with search, because display media and paid serach work in tandem most of the time. Someone who is really collaborative, welcoming of other ideas and is open-minded is extremely important.

—Lindsay Wong, Associate Media Director/Razorfish NYC

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