Could An Algorithm Give Spammers More Power on Google+?

Could An Algorithm Give Spammers More Power on Google+?

Could a flaw in Google+'s circle system make it a playground for spammers?

Dylan Schenker
  • 25 july 2011

In a video that should frighten anyone, programmer Robert Norris Hills illustrates a fatal flaw in Google’s social network that could be ripe for abuse. Hills created a bot that let’s anyone create a circle and automatically add thousands of people to it within a day. Then, as he explains, he can remove that circle so as not to inundate himself with their updates but the people that the bot added will still receive his updates. He implores Google to fix the bug so that spammers will not be able to exploit it for their own nefarious ends.

He plans on posting another video within the week of a modification of the bot that will add a 1000 people in only five minutes

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