Creativity: The Cutting Room Floor

Creativity: The Cutting Room Floor

The inspiring and informative insights that we had with expert media buyers on how to stay creative in the business.

Caroline Ku
  • 19 july 2011

Creativity is a driving force in advertising. But how can it coexist realistically with the rational, responsible business model? PSFK has interviewed key industry personalities for our new series Secrets Of A Killer Media Buyer to get the inside scoop on how these two pillars of the advertising world support each other.

What is the next frontier for media buying?

It’s really interesting what’s happening in the startup space with people putting up an idea on a web page and asking others if they are interested in the concept. I think it’s really fascinating, that users are going to be able to really steer the direction that companies have in the future.

—Nicole Newville, Vice President of Brand and Media Planning/Space 150

Creativity goes hand in hand with entrepreneurial spirit. You’ve got to have some sort of creativity in order to be successful in strategy and planning.

—Erica Mannherz, Supervisor/Carat

What is the best part about being a media buyer?

You have money to play with. You’re going out and you’re finding cool opportunities and meeting with fun and interesting people and talking about what they’re doing. It’s like a big puzzle and you’re building something all the time, which I think is great.

—Lindsay Wong, Associate Media Director/Razorfish NYC

I have a former colleague who liked to say, ‘You can have good, cheaper or fast’ I think increasingly, we have to deliver all three. There’s definitely a tension there. But innovation is something that everybody is struggling to deliver.

—Jordan Bitterman, Vice President in Media, Marketing  and Content/Digitas

How do you balance the tension between being creative and maximizing profits?

It all ties back to how well you negotiate with the parties involved. A good negotiator is someone who can complete all objectives, without having to be creative. It has to be creative, really creative.

—Nobles Crawford, Media Supervisor/PHD

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