Curiosity: The Cutting Room Floor

Curiosity: The Cutting Room Floor

The best snippets of our interviews with expert media buyers, not caught on film about how the desire to always be learning is what will help you stay ahead in the business.

Caroline Ku
  • 21 july 2011

What we found out in today’s webisode of the PSFK original series, Secrets Of A Killer Media Buyer, is that the need for a desire to constantly be devouring new content is a fundamental component of the job of a media buyer. In order to invent the most up-to-date, ingenious campaigns and initiatives, buyers have to always be one step ahead of what’s trending online. PSFK serves up some choice insights that didn’t make it to the final cut.

What would your advice be for someone entering the media buying business?

Be observational about the way people take in information. When they see a crazy digital billboard, is the first thing out of their pocket their cell phone? Are they texting their friends? Are they taking a video? Are they taking a picture? Did they tweet it? Did they post it to Facebook?

—Nicole Newville, Vice President of Brand and Media Planning/Space 150

I don’t think you can ever get so bogged down that you’re not learning anymore. Because there’s just so much out there. It’s hard to keep up with it. But take the time to go out, read blogs, meet with different publishers, go to conferences and just absorb as much as you can. Because there’s never going to be a day where you know everything.

—Lindsay Wong, Associate Media Director/Razorfish NYC

What is the best part about being a media buyer?

It’s so much fun meeting new personalities. You get some crazy folks. You get some really down-to-earth folks. You get the gamut of everyone you can imagine. It’s like, learning how to deal with all these people is the best part of my job.

—Nobles Crawford, Media Supervisor/PHD

Oh, best part of the job. New technologies, getting to pilot and getting to be on the cutting edge and really, really just seeing that application I was telling you about, where you can hold the phone up and look at people’s faces? That stuff is so exciting to me in so many ways. If I could write a sonnet about it, I would.

—K-Yun Steele, Vice President/Zenith Interactive

What is an essential characteristic that a successful media buyer needs to have?

It’s important as a media buyer to constantly be thinking and be excited about what these new ideas are. And also be curious enough to explore them even if they’re not going to scale right away and your client might not want to spend a lot of money on it. Just be curious to see what it can bring to the table and how it can help you with your business.

—Sarah Sikowitz, Group Media Director/360i

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