Cut The Budget Deficit Yourself With Your Smartphone

Cut The Budget Deficit Yourself With Your Smartphone

Two smartphone apps allow you to play along with all the fiscal fun happening in Washington, D.C.

Kyana Gordon
  • 29 july 2011


Have you been thinking you could do better a job than the U.S. Congress of coming up with a balanced budget? Deficit Hawk, a new, non-partison and educational Android app lets you get in on all the fiscal fun currently happening in Washington, D.C. Fix the federal budget deficit: cut spending, raise taxes, and see how each choice affects the country’s $1.3 trillion deficit. Choose from over 100 spending cuts and tax increases, using data from the Congressional Budget Office. Learn what happens if growth in appropriations for agencies other than the Department of Defense, reduced by 1% annually adds up to $326.7 billion over the next ten years.  Or see what would happen if corporate income tax rates increased by 1% annually.

It’s not the only economy and budget deficit app available: there’s also the Reducing the Deficit iPhone app. Created by the Congressional Budget Office it similarly presents more than 100 options for altering federal spending and revenues.

Deficit Hawk

Reducing the Deficit

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