PSFK sits down with the founder of art collective Paintallica to chat about their work philosophy and their new collaboration with Barney's.

Sometimes the best part of researching a story, more than a final conclusion or narrative, is all the other facts and figures you come upon along the way.  Last week when we brought you the story of Adam Kimmel’s collaboration with Carhartt, one of our favorite aspects of the project was their inclusion of artist collective Paintallica, whose no-nonsense and hands on approach to making art proved one of the most fascinating experiences we’ve encountered in awhile. While high-end cocktail parties celebrating the worlds of fashion and art are a dime a dozen in NYC, rarely do guests get to mingle (and in this case have a Schlitz with) the artists while they’re actually putting together the pieces. That’s why we reached out to Dan Attoe, of Paintallica and Peres Projects, about what fuels the group’s artistic process, and how they came to link- up with prolific luxury retailer Barneys.

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