Discover Banksy Street Art With New Location App

Discover Banksy Street Art With New Location App

For fans of the great graffiti artist, his street art is much easier to find thanks to this app.

Kyana Gordon
  • 30 july 2011

Fans of Banksy can always search for his work online, but a much more gratifying way of viewing his work is to view it as as it was intended: on the streets. Banksy-Locations, a new iPhone app aims to do just that, by offering a personal tour of all his street art. The app takes your current location and finds Banksy pieces nearest you via dropping a pin on a map, then gives directions for a first-hand visual encounter. For at home viewing, The Banksy-Locations app also features videos by and about Banksy along with a gallery of all the his street art and installations along with information about each. Banksy news is regularly updated with new artwork tracked once it appears. This pretty comprehensive app for the Banksy fan is another great way of finding his art.


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