Electroland Art Installation Creates A Sensory Skate Park

Electroland Art Installation Creates A Sensory Skate Park

A room mounted with fluorescent light beams and dynamic sound throws viewers into a multi-sensory experience in Los Angeles.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 28 july 2011

Artists at Electroland have created ‘SKATE1.0’ an interesting light and sound installation at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles for the ongoing ‘COME IN! 2: SURF.SKATE.BIKE’ exhibition.

Consisting of 60 four-foot HO fluorescent lights with dimming electronic ballasts and a 12.2-channel sound system, SKATE 1.0 aims to channel a virtual skate park wherein sounds of skateboarders travel above, below, around, and through viewers while the lights register their movement and intensity. From the artists:

 We see the SKATE 1.0 installation as an opportunity to create iterative spatial experiments, using sound and light to create an immersive sensorial experience. The only reference to a specific subject or context is sounds made by skateboards; otherwise the physical installation is extremely abstract and minimal. Skate sounds are grating and violent, and we want to investigate how lights can correspond, counter or reinforce sounds.

Watch an audio visual preview of SKATE 1.0 in the video below:

SKATE 1.0 from Electroland on Vimeo.


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