Floating ‘Botel’ With Detachable Cabins [Pics]

Floating ‘Botel’ With Detachable Cabins [Pics]
Design & Architecture

This concept for a hotel on the water was designed as the perfect way to explore the Adriatic Sea.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 july 2011


Ivan Filipovic’s design for a ‘botel’ (boat & hotel) is a navigating piece of architecture. It has a lobby, restaurant, bar and reception, surrounded by a covered outdoor deck, which leads off to the cabins. There is also a roof deck with a terrace, swimming pool, green oasis and a nightclub with a dance floor.

The floating hotel concept has 22 smaller living cabins, which can separate from the main base, allowing people to explore by themselves. These would use solar energy to move and have networked GPS systems, allowing the user to enter a simple command in order to return to the main hotel.

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