Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Building off last years success, Foursquare is participating with more schools to help students navigate their campus

Dylan Schenker
  • 26 july 2011


Last year, Foursquare launched a partnership with several universities as a means of helping students at participating school’s navigate their campus. The partnership included exclusive badges and deals tailored to each school’s campus as well as an ambassador program that allowed students to participate in enhancing the Foursquare experience.

A year after the initiative’s success Foursquare has announced an update that extends to more campuses and features brand new badges for their new partnerships. Announced schools include prestigious institutions such as Duke University, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, among others. The new badges will be available as of the start of the Fall 2011 semester with more schools to be announced in the interim.

Foursquare outlines their mission as such:

With foursquare, universities can help students explore their campus by sharing school traditions, information about classes and building hours, and insider tips. Students can now unlock new badges from an exclusive campus badge pack, rewarding them for their late nights at the library and attendance at sports games. Now, not just seniors will know about campus shortcuts, dining hall secrets, and the can’t-miss campus events.

Since most students when they first begin school are thrust into an area they are unfamiliar, a geo-locative recommendation engine would help them become more accustomed to where they will be spending most of their time. Whereas the app started more as a friendly competitive game geared towards deals and badges this kind of initiative shows Foursquare moving more in the direction of recommendations and navigational support wherein the app is used to cultivate a familiarity with one’s location instead.

Foursquare for Universities 2.0

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