GE Explores The Future Of Flight In New Series


The Barbarian Group's latest collaboration with GE approaches the future of aviation (and its opportunities to improve) by gaming, storytelling and mapping.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 29 july 2011

The GE Show is an episodic series (developed by The Barbarian Group), showcasing the company’s technology, people and innovations. The most recent (6th) episode focuses on the aviation world — which we know to be rife with problems — and explores its challenges and future opportunities. The series (and website) approaches the difficult task of assessing the industry’s problems, and trying to find solutions for them, in three different ways:

  • Gaming: Terminal Command is a game that puts players in control of an airport – its maintenance, boarding, luggage, and flight schedules. Compare your score to that of your Facebook friends’.
  • Co-created storytelling: Dreams of Flight is a video that envisions the future of aviation through the eyes and minds of children’s imagination – alongside two experts from GE’s Aviation Unit. An animated (and cute) piece of branded storytelling.
  • Mapping (the ultimate visualization?): Using Google Maps and geolocated Flickr photos, Points of Depature looks at airports from a hundred miles up, and from the ground (respectively). Additionally, the site offers curated lists of favorite airports.

We loved this idea for exploring some opportunities to help improve one of the most troubled customer experiences – air travel. While the approach may be mostly informative and ‘edutaining’ in nature, it utilizes some interesting approaches to engage and educate. We can only hope GE’s contributions help improve the aviation industry.

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