Grant McCracken: Google+ Late But With Advantage Of Being New

Grant McCracken: Google+ Late But With Advantage Of Being New

During the Google+ frenzy, Facebook and Twitter take the back burner, and maybe rightly so.

Caroline Ku
  • 13 july 2011


Ooph.  To be standing in the intersection, when the new comes roaring through.  My hat, pipe and papers all went flying.

I finally, belatedly, got my invitation to Google + and I have been fiddling with it.

On first glance, it feels like an elegant restatement of the social media proposition.

Indeed, it so simplifies and clarifies that it may actually claim a “late adopter” advantage, forcing on Facebook and Twitter what Veblen once called “the penalty of taking the lead.”

The fun of being on Google+ as the moment is that it is filled with people doing “edge finding,” trying to figure it what it is, how it works, what you can make it do.

Please come find me there.  And if you need an invitation, send me an email at  (But I think by this time the gates may be open, no invitation required.)

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[Republished with kind permission from Grant McCracken’s anthropology and economics blog, Cultureby.]

Grant McCracken is a trained anthropologist who has studied American culture and business for 25 years. He has worked for many corporate clients including Coca-Cola, Ikea, Kimberly Clark, and Diageo. He is the author of two volumes of Culture and Consumptions, and is set to publish a book called Chief Cultur Office with Basic Books this fall. This new book will focus on how culture no creates so much opportunity and danger for corporations. Learn more about Grant McCracken.


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