Gum That Doesn’t Stick To Anything

Gum That Doesn’t Stick To Anything

Rev 7 gum was invented by scientists at Bristol University and is due to launch in Europe this year.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 july 2011

Rev7 is the revolutionary chewing gum that provides a solution to expensive sidewalk cleaning and the annoyance of getting gum stuck to your shoes or clothes. It developed from research at England’s Bristol University, where scientists worked on altering its water-repellent nature.

The gum is amphiphilic, which means it allows some water to penetrate it, reducing its ability to stick to surfaces. It is far easier to remove than conventional gum, which requires all sorts of enery-intensive procedures such as steam and chemical treatments, freezing and jet washing.

Revolymer Limited, the UK-based polymer company producing the product, launched the gum in the US last year and now plans to soon bring it to Europe after getting clearance from the European Food Safety Authority.

Removable, Non-Sticky Chewing Gum

Rev 7

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