Holga’s TIM Camera Lets You Take 3D Photos

Holga’s TIM Camera Lets You Take 3D Photos
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The Twin Image Maker is a double lens camera that shoots a variety of image types with its smiley face lens covering.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 july 2011

Smile! This Holga camera lets you experiment with all sorts of creative photographs, by adjusting the happy face on the front. TIM (Twin Image Maker) is great for lo-fi photography enthusiasts as it has an adorable toy camera look and a long list of features. You can shoot half-frames by closing the “eyes” one at a time. Leave them both open to create a 3D photo. The smiley “mouth” controls aperture and there is a multi-exposure button and a bulb option for long exposures. TIM also sports a detachable flash with 5 color filters (red, green, blue, yellow, clear). There’s lots of fun to be had experimenting with all the possible combinations. The camera costs $60 and is available from Photojojo.


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