InfluAds: A Crowdsourced Advertising Network

InfluAds: A Crowdsourced Advertising Network

Online ads need to modernize to keep pace with changing technology. Asking user what they want to see is one way to accomplish that.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 4 july 2011



Driven by the desire to publish quality online advertisements within a reasonable budget, Kima Ventures created a new crowdsourced advertising network called InfluAds. InfluAds brings together hundreds of publishers and curates an ad network that aims to drive “premium revenue per ad unit and matching multiple ad units per page.” From InfluAds:

We are now consuming information differently, through better quality and user experience. But digital advertising isn’t able to match the quality needs of many of those contexts. We don’t like it and we are set to change it. We believe in a revolution powered by less ad clutter and more ads that people actually want to see.



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