The Huffington Post's move into the UK feels like traditional competition for the UK news market, yet there's little innovation

This article titled “Huffington Post UK: where’s the innovation?” was written by Jemima Kiss, for on Wednesday 6th July 2011 13.56 UTC

HuffPo’s eponymous founder Arianna launched her UK experiment on Wednesday with an intimate and rather romantic portrait of her love for the UK: how she started and finished her first love affair here with journalist Bernard Levin, and how she fulfilled a teenage dream of studying at Cambridge. It’s no secret that HuffPO’s UK launch is arguably the most direct competition yet for the Guardian, as a tech-forward, left of centre news site with a significant overlap in audience. But what is HuffPo’s true proposition, and how will it fit into a news market significantly different from its home turf in the US?

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