Juliana Cho’s Porsche 929 Concept Designed For Sharing

Juliana Cho’s Porsche 929 Concept Designed For Sharing
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Drivers would have access to the 929 through a membership plan instead of making car payments.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 28 july 2011

Known for being notoriously one of the slowest car brands to evolve their design vehicle language, Porsche is a company you expect to see a mastery of incremental change from. Current Royal College of Art masters student Julliana Cho who spent some time recently interning at Porsche has designed a concept electrically powered four seat sports-tourer car called the 929 which must have turned some heads within the company.

Cho’s design starts with a stretched silhouette of the iconic 911 and blends fluid surfaces with sharp lines on the exterior which create a sense of tension and movement. The rear of the car features carved out sections for taillights which transition into air diffuser-style lower bodywork. Access to the interior is via vertically opening doors which are hinged to the wheel hubs.

The car is electric powered and Cho has devised an interesting plan for how the vehicle would be used and charged. The 929 concept would be a membership accessed vehicle in which community subscribers would share a fleet of the cars. Cho envisions the 929’s stored in a cylindrical docking station which she created to be space efficient and also provide a consolidated charging point for multiple 929s. The whole parking structure would rotate to either release or store the cars.

[via Yanko Design]

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