Liebenzeller Bad water uses a humorous optical illusion on their bottles to encourage people that by drinking water they will lose weight.

When you think of ways to lose weight, your mind immediately turns to exercise, small-proportioned-meals, diet plans and, unfortunately, diet pills. In an effort to draw in consumers, a lot of brands create drinks with lower calories. Recently, new studies have shown that there is a 0.0 calorie drink that will help shed those extra, unwanted pounds. That drink, which takes up 2/3 of the world, is water.

Taking that insight and a little bit of science, German ad agency Grabarz & Partner created a uniquely playful advertisement for Liebenzeller Bad-branded water bottles. Instead of creating typical TV ads or interactive banner ads, they put a picture of the bikini model on the back of the bottle’s label. When drinkers turn the bottle around, the water-refracted light makes the model look wider and a little overweight. As the drinker consumes more of the water, the refraction disappears and is replaced with the skinny model. Watching the wider model magicaly turn into a skinny one seems like an incentive enough to drink more water.

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