Additional exclusive details on a new personal data tracking device from Jawbone that just premiered at the TED Global conference.

We recently published a story about Jawbone's personal data tracker ‘Up' that is debuting now at TED Global in Edinburgh. Although taking photos is strictly forbidden, one of our correspondents at the conference sent us some exclusive details about the product.

The Jambone comes in white, grey, [and the above-pictured] blue. After viewing one of the prototypes worn by one of the Jambone reps, I got a look at how the bracelet actually works. At one end of the band is a silver square that acts as a multi-function, mode switching button. The other end has a cap that can be removed to reveal a headphone jack where the plug to charge the device can be inserted. The band itself vibrates when changing modes, or when the user sets reminders and alerts. The width is slightly thicker than a Livestrong band, but the rubber material has a velvety feel, rather than a sticky one.

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