Most Popular Car Colors Around The World [Infographic]

Most Popular Car Colors Around The World [Infographic]
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Recent research shows the huge trend towards the monochromatic when choosing a shade for your vehicle.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 july 2011

What color is your car? There’s a high chance it’s either black, white or silver. Monochrome has become increasingly popular, and in America, cars of these colors account for around 60% of new car sales. The place with the highest proportion however, is South Korea, where nine out of ten cars are black, white or silver. China and Japan have the next highest, with just under 80% of new cars sold in one of these three colors.

Popular Car Colors Around The World [Infographic]

You can view an interactive version of this infographic at WSJ.

Source: Hyundai Motor Design Group; Photo: Scott Olsen/ Getty Images

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