New Documentary Series Goes Beneath The City Streets


The first short episode featuring exploration of the urban underground is released by Silent UK.

Caroline Ku
  • 19 july 2011

Crack the Surface is a documentary series that follows a crew of urban explorers while they investigated the underground of cities like London and Paris. Produced by Silent UK, the 20-minute video is the first of a series that takes the audience on a trip into the night—climbing up narrow ladders, squeezing through broken windows and trudging in sewer waters. Of course, this kind of activity is considered trespassing but as it states in the beginning of the film, the cast and crew are well aware of this.

Future episodes include trips to Italy, Russia, the United States and Canada. Evidence of their adventures is also documented in photographs on their website.

Watch Crack the Surface here:

Crack The Surface – Teaser Trailer from SilentUK on Vimeo.

Silent UK

+urban exploration

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