Who’s Better? The New Or The Old Old Spice Man

Who’s Better? The New Or The Old Old Spice Man

In a social media-fueled, real-time duel, the (original) Old Spice Man has accepted new Old Spice guy Fabio's challenge to a 'Mano y Mano' duel on Tuesday, July 26th. While respective real-time, personalized videos are looking familiar, we hope tomorrow's duel will surprise.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 30 july 2011

Seemingly picking up exactly where they left off, New Old Spice Guy Fabio has challenged the (original) Old Spice Guy to a duel on Twitter. While the tip-off was a rather obvious Promoted Tweet of ‘Fabio Defeats Old Spice Guy?’, the team behind Old Spice (Wieden + Kennedy, we presume) is back at it, with rapidly-generated YouTube video responses in which Fabio encourages fans to support #teamFabio, while the ‘old’ Old Spice Guy haggles him from his own Twitter account. So far, Fabio’s got about 4,000 followers — vs. Isiaiah’s 129,000. Granted, the ‘old’ Old Spice Guy has had some time to accrue them…

The personalized YouTube videos started to be shot and posted on Monday afternoon, while Fabio’s challenge was issued about 12 hours prior. Since then, the original Old Spice Man has accepted Fabio’s challenge, and then invited him to a ‘Mano a Mano in El Baño’ duel that took place on Tuesday, July 26th at 12PM EST.

So essentially, what we’ve seen here is a full-on, (branded) social media duel unfolding across Twitter and YouTube (at the very least) — people are being called out directly on both platforms, dates and times are being announced, and sites and videos are going up — in a real-time, but coordinated fashion. But we wonder what else the team has up their sleeves — as fun as this is, the Twitter-driven personalized videos have now ‘been done’ – by Old Spice. So what’s next for Fabio and Isiaiah? We will be curious to know how engagement and sales results compare to the last campaign.

New Old Spice Guy Fabio

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