PSFK Reader Survey Results: You, Online

PSFK Reader Survey Results: You, Online

With a million influencers sharing the content on our site each month, the recent survey reveals online habits and even their average Klout score!

Jeff Weiner
  • 20 july 2011 started as a place for Piers Fawkes to share new ideas and inspiring things he came across in NYC and online. The unique perspective from which Piers wrote, made the site a go-to source for planners and strategists at both agencies and brands.* That was 2004. We were living in the P.F. world (pre-Facebook) and WordPress had just helped kick off the self-publishing revolution.

The PSFK team has grown since those early days, and with it, a devoted following of 1,000,000 monthly readers. While our audience makeup has transitioned from professionals to influencers, the early readership set the tone for our audience – an educated group of idea-sharers with an interest in design, technology, products, services and ways of living that are changing our world for the better. We recently performed our annual reader survey, to which over 1,000 of you responded. We learned some interesting things about our audience and their habits online, at work and at play. Over the coming week, we will be sharing some of the interesting things we uncovered about you all!


Social Mavens:

– 94% have Facebook accounts

– 81% have a Twitter account

– 85% share links from with friends and followers (mainly through email, Facebook and Twitter, but we did the survey before Google + hit the waves!)

– 36% have participated in a Meetup group and taken their online interests into the real world


– 51% self-publish online (Blog, Tumblr, etc.)

– 51% publish online one or more times each week


– 21% know their Klout score – and their average is 38

– Average number of Friends or Followers is over 400 for both Facebook and Twitter respectively

If you’d like a closer look at our reader profile (maybe you’re a digital media buyer and you’re considering engaging influencers) – download our reader survey on our Advertise page.

*Planner/Strategist – The ultimate early adopter. A person with one of those hard-to-define jobs that is looking for evidence of cultural change and translating the impact that said change will have on their clients’ businesses.

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