QR Code Tattoo Makes Your Heart Sing

QR Code Tattoo Makes Your Heart Sing

Body art takes on new meaning when tattoos get interactive.

Dylan Schenker
  • 13 july 2011

QR codes have been starting to pop up everywhere, including as art objects and as serialized literature. So it’s only makes sense that someone would take it a step further and actually get one of them tattooed on their body. Paris tattoo artist K.A.R.L. has purportedly tattooed the very first QR Code onto a person that when scanned, produces an animated version of it on YouTube. It features a singing, floating head appearing out of the flower design of the tattoo.

The entire process was live streamed on Facebook via Ballantine whiskey’s “Leave the Impression” campaign. People were not only able to watch the tattooing in real time but were also able to share thoughts and interact with the artist in what he called the “Human API”.

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